Dr. Driving for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)


Dr. Driving is a car racing game which is quite different as compared to the other games such as Real Racing 3 and F1 Race. The unique concept of clearing several targeted races alone in a given time period, is something new you get to watch in this

Monument Valley For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)


The Android games are buzzing all over the world especially the action games such as COD series, WWE Smackdown Vs Raw and many more. But there are few puzzle games such as Bubble Blaze which has a unique concept. In that case, there is another game

Download Flixster for PC Free!


In today’s modernized word, everyone wants personalized things to use. Whether it may be getting the tailored news to your smartphone or play games of your choice, everything is available on the internet. Same goes for watching movies online. There

Flipboard for PC – Get It For Free!


What do you prefer when it comes to staying updated to the social happenings all over the world? Well, many of you might refer several websites on the web and collect your needed information. But do you think that is enough to cover everything on

Modern Combat 5 for PC


The most thrilling game of modern era is here, it’s Modern Combat 5. The game has gained lot of popularity on all the mobile platforms. It is a first person shooting game and has a lot of action scenes. The graphics in the game are much better than

Despicable Me for PC


The minion rush game is right here for you! Download Despicable Me for free on your windows PC within fraction of seconds. All you need to have is Bluestacks installed on your PC and some minimum system requirements like 1GB RAM, 2GB hard disk space,

Bubble Blaze for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)


There are many Android freaks who love to try different games rather than playing the action and racing games. For those who love to experience a new concept in every game they play, there are many games available in the play store. One such game is

Pixel Dungeon for Windows PC


The high resolution games which have some action gaming involved are mostly preferred by most of the gaming freaks in today’s world. There are many myths about the high-end graphic games that they do not run on Android devices of smaller screens.

Cut The Rope For PC – Free Download!


The most challenging and difficult puzzle game is here for you! Cut the Rope is basically a puzzle game and it might just seem like the bubble game which you used to play on the older versions of Nokia phones. But the storyline and graphics are very