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If you are in India, Then be sure that you will have heard this name at least more than a dozen times before you leave the country. If you are an Indian, then I do not think that there is any need for me to introduce the character of Krrish to you! Well, all of this started when an Alien came down to have a break on Earth and gifted a lot of special powers to him. Later when Krishna (real name of Krrish) was born, most of the powers from his father were inherited by him. Well, speaking of the film, it is one of the same typical Hindi films with emotions and great fight sequence. The Game of Krrish was released shortly before the release of the third film of the Krrish series.

Now let us just shift a bit of our focus onto the game at hand. Well, there is nothing in it from the third part. It is a simple game with extremely low quality graphics and visual effects. It seems to have a storyline but we all know the storyline as we all know the film. In the game you will have to do some kick boxing to defeat nine or ten villains before Krrish can reach for the main villain. The game has a simple background that goes all throughout the game when you battle the bad boys.

Frankly speaking there is actually no link with the game and the series and at one point of time you will surely feel bored if you are proper games! But if you are looking to get this game for your kids, then it is almost perfect. It is an Indian Superhero with the Face of an Indian Superstar; the game has a perfect mix which will catch the fantasy of your kinds. The spooky and funny looking baddies will also add to the fun!

Download Krrish 3 Game for Windows

Well, the only good thing about the game for me is the fact that it is available on all the platforms. The game can be played on an Android device and can be easily downloaded from any android store. The scenario is same for windows! The game is easily available for the ones who wish to download the game. There is no clear indication about the fact that whether the game is available on iOS or not but with the looks of things, it is not far away that the game will be available on that too! Although, it will not be difficult to be downloading a windows game for you but still I am stating a few steps!

Step 1: Look for an open market for windows applications and download the game.

Step 2: Install the game. It will take a maximum of approximately about 5 minutes for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, get through the introduction and get ready to fight the baddies. You can use ‘shift’  to pack a punch, ‘space’ to kick the butt and‘s’ for special moves.

This is everything that the game has. In spite of the fact that nothing is too great about the game, but it still the game for the first Indian Superhero. You will like it to a certain extent. Your kids will surely love it!


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